Ada Handle 🤝Maladex Partnership

We’re really excited and proud to partner with AdaHandle, the most advanced address resolution project developing on Cardano. $handle is going to bring a lot of user experience improvement, without sacrificing any security, in terms of addressing their wallets, and beyond (trades, receipts, etc.). There’s a lot of innovation we can build on top of it, and we’re excited to partner with AdaHandle ( $handle has very professional and experienced team and the partnership will create a lot of value for both projects.

You can read the announcement here: ADA Handle Partners with Maladex. We are thrilled to announce a new… | by Calvin Koepke | ADA Handle | Oct, 2021 | Medium

Please, let us know, what you think in this thread. We’re more than happy to hear your ideas how we can provide a lot of utility using $handle protocol beyond simpler wallet addresses (and we’ve got a bunch of exciting ideas ourselves already).

Some plans that we currently have include user identification across the platform, tracking all past and open trades, ability to transfer trade histories between accounts (wallets), and many more.


Absolutely stoked about this, 2 great projects making each other better!

Would be great to implement the $handle to this forum as well and allow us to log in with a Web3 wallet to the forum.