ANMAL 100% Pool

Hi everyone! I doubt you’d be on here and not have seen the announcement but just in case, we launched a new 100% pool yesterday:

You may have noticed that our 100% variable fee pool XMAL has been nearing saturation over the past few days. Reaching saturation is exciting for us, as it indicates growing support for our project and that our community is expanding. It also means that it is time to open our second 100% pool. We are excited to announce that we have just opened our second pool - ANMAL . You can stake right now, ticker [ANMAL].

By opening another pool we have added 30,000MAL to the amount being rewarded each epoch. This increase means that we are releasing an extra 47.6% MAL tokens every 5 days. Not only are we releasing more MAL, but opening another pool also means there are now 4 lotteries ongoing. This may just be the perfect time to jump into the pool!

Always make sure to check for the pool list on Maladex - Cardano DEX


More info: LET OUT THE ANIMAL! (pool). The ANMAL Pool is here! You may have… | by Maladex Team | Dec, 2021 | Medium