Changes to Maladex ISPO

As you all know we received a lot of feedback from the community about funding Maladex development here: Funding Maladex Development.

We analysed all the feedback, the pools, and we believe we found a solution which should make everyone happy.

We are publishing the solution to our community first (Forum, Discord, Telegram). The below article is unlisted and will become listed and published on Twitter in about an hour.

Read about the future of Maladex ISPO:
The future of the Maladex ISPO. Our ISPO ticker [MAL] has been growing… | by Maladex Team | Oct, 2021 | Medium.

The first change is variable fee increase to 5% starting in epoch 295 and increasing MAL airdrops by 5 times.

More changes are coming based on the community feedback. Check the medium article for all the details.

Also we are changing the way users preview the airdrops on the site (formula stays the same), which will help to get rid of the issue where some delegators were not able to see their rewards. Patch is coming in the next few days.

Please, use this forum to discuss the changes made any provide any additional feedback.

We are really excited about how lively community and supportive community we’ve got - and hence many thanks to you all.


Hi guys, I would like to congratulate you on your decisions!
I believe you found proper and attractive solutions that cater to the wishes of your delegator population.
I am now even more excited about the project and happy that you took our feedback into account.


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I also think you have managed a good solution.

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It is really good solution…that i participated it without knowledge…

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You made more MAL without realising? Score!