DRMAL 100% pool is here!

Our community is growing fast. We had the mighty Max Mal, we had the fierce AniMal, and now it’s time for Dr Mal pool. Warm welcomes to all new delegators. We had a large influx of delegators from the Meld community.

As both previous pools were filled a new one has been opened - Dr Mal ticker [DRMAL] is up and running. This means yet another 30,000 MAL tokens are being released every epoch! Don’t miss out!


As always make sure to check Maladex - Cardano DEX for the list of official Maladex pools.


thanks @sam - I see that ANMAL saturated in about 1 epoch :exploding_head: … so please let us know if & whenever delegators should switch to DRMAL from the 2 older pools :sunglasses: