Introduce yourself

This is a place to introduce yourself to the team and the community.

We are building the smartest community on Cardano, we believe in intelligent investing optimised risk and maximised rewards. We hope to be the platform that connects investors with the widest exposure to the financial market and the smartest ways to invest.

So let us know who you are, and why you are here!


Hello fellow community members! Glad we have a place to talk where our conversations are not lost in the void.

I’m here to connect and work with likewise minds that have creative ideas on how we can push this movement forward. I’m here for the long haul.


Hello! I’m here because I believe that DeFi is one of the best tools/paths to a world with greater freedom (in many ways) and I want to support the projects I see as most promising to achieve this objective.

I am also a Community Advisor on project Catalyst project and I value concepts such as privacy, censorship resistance andd critical thinking.

I hope to contribute as much as possible.


Hey everyone!

I’m a day trader from Denmark and excited about the financial freedom that cryptocurrencies bring and about Maladex. Currently, most of professional trading is done on centralised exchanges because of inherent inefficiencies with DEXes, but having followed Maladex with curiosity, especially programmable swaps have the ability to move people away from exchanges. On CEX I cannot set order to trigger given certain conditions and often end up setting multiple alarm clocks at night to check what’s going on in the market. I hope I’ll be able to sleep at peace at night with Maladex.

Also I’m just learning that we might be able to share our own strategies for programmable swaps with other people in the community? If yes, I’m very excited about it both as a learning and sharing platform.



Finally a place where we can have all the gems organised neatly for posterity. I feel so many valuable insights have been lost on Discord.

Got early in crypto for purely idealistic reasons, then lost almost all interest with moonboys hijacking Bitcoin and Ethereum narratives. Now, feeling invigorated again with Cardano and Maladex.

I hope this is the beginning of something amazing :)!


Hello to my beloved and bestest community :slight_smile: !

My name is Jarek and I’m founder of Maladex.

After working for years in finance and seeing the matrix I’m now convinced that we need to shake those chains. Our money deserves to be free and to be able to work efficiently for our prosperity.

Hence the idea behind Maladex. I bring years of financial engineering expertise, quant masters degree, and over 25 years of coding experience. 25 years is a bit tricky, since I started coding when I was 6. I’m a huge Haskell fanboy. Also alumni of the University of Edinburgh, which is the birthplace of Haskell :eyes:.

I’m really excited about Cardano because what Maladex plans to achieve wouldn’t be even possible on any other chain. Hence, I really laugh aloud when I hear any FUD or complains how hard it’s to develop on Cardano. Welcome to the real engineering world where the stakes are high and so are the formulas and the code is a tough nut to crack :slight_smile: .

Glad to have you all over here. You all make it worthwhile.

Jarek :cowboy_hat_face:


wow hello guys :grin:

one of those who is interested in the maladex project, sorry if there are vocabulary mistakes because i’m not very fluent in english, thanks you


Hi im just here because i dont like our current financial systems or even bitcoin. I prefer financial systems that function and are not based on legacy systems and outdated code.


I’m so excited about this project!

I’m not sure about the anonymity, but I guess I’ll make my mind about that part once I see how it works when it’s finally out. :rofl:

But the whole idea, approach and feel of the project looks very good. Can’t wait for the platform to finally take off :rocket:

Also :poland: roots is a plus for me :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve just delegated my stake to the pool so I should be on board in a few days.

Good luck, guys!


Sup Simps,

Stoked to be here and bathe in the sea of knowledge emmanating from
Master Jarek. Lookin forward to the discussions.

Mr. Dimon we are coming for u.



I’m a professional trader, but since I’m free to trade in crypto I found Cardano and then I found Maladex. I’ve been following the project closely as all DEXes I know of are kind of a joke when it comes to serious trading, but it seems to me that Maladex knows how to fix it.

Well, maybe one day I move to cryptotrading full time :laughing:

Also really pumped about Cardano Summit starting in 2 days :smile:!


Hello :blush:!

I work in Microsoft in Prague and I’m really excited about crypto and Cardano especially.

I now started watching Plutus course and learning Haskell. Hopefully, in the future will build my own Cardano DApp.

Really excited to be part of the financial revolution. Woohoo :smiling_imp:!


I’am a Brazilian medicine student without any prior knowledge of coding. I started studying blockchains earlier this year after watching a video from Charles Hoskinson called “Bright horizons”, I fell in love with the tech (ofc Cardano rules in this realm (or at least that is my impression)) and I haven’t stopped studying since.

I believe Maladex has the most complex project when compared to other DEX’s and i believe that the best product always wins in tech, so here am I!

I really want to make some friends here because this common interest (cardano/maladex) makes pretty much all of you guys interesting people to me and i would love to know more interesting people


Hello, I am Keneal and I love this community. There is always a great deal of discussions in discord that really stimulate my brain. I hope to bring some value to the discussions here whenever I can



Hi all,

I’m a huge ADA fan after watching and diving in deep on Charles and his team. Here for what the future of finance could look like and want to learn from the very beginning. I like what I have read here and excited to learn more about this project!


Hi! I’m ADA fan. I believe ADA is the one that can change the world. I have no experience in trading or finance. I’m here because I got interested in maladex project - even though I do not understand clearly what it will be :slight_smile:



Here for the memes.


Hello guys and girls. Here to learn more. Trying to find out more about Maladex… so far I’m impressed.

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Hope to learn more about the project… am excited about the path being taken. cheers

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Hey there, would love to know which info you are looking for and how we can make it more accessible!

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