Liquidity Pool with whitelist traders

Dear Community,

I have a background in cross-boarder trade finance, asset management and financial engineering. Used to have a small equity trading fund in Europe and now changing my strategies to purely crypto on the regulated end.

I am working on a design for a on-chain asset management fund, and saw that the idea development from Maladex is beyond anything I have seen in the crypto world, it seems that finally professional finance people with an understanding of quantitave finance and asset manager needs are coming online.

I was wondering if Maladex will support whitelisted LP, meaning only specific wallets can use the Liquid Pool, maybe they are whitelisted via an NFT they hold in the trade request wallet?

Further I wanted to know if there are plans for multi-asset LP of 3 or more different tokens?

Last but not least is the Index fund solution proposed by the maladex team going to have the possibility to set fees? as in Subscription, Redemption, Crystallization Period, High Water Mark, Excess Performance and the like?

Thank you for the support and I really hope you guys take off with the product, would love to know how to support the development.




Have you also asked your question on the discord channel? I would like to see the answer.

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No I have not, I am trying to keep a continues record. I know a lot of people are on discord, but fundamental questions, in my opinion, should be stored here for reference :slight_smile:

Hopefully once the forum takes off it will be picked up


I understand, goodluck!