Pool rewards not showing

I’ve been staking for several epochs now, but the pool rewards page on maladex.com does not show any rewards when I paste in my stake key. What could be the issue here?

Ctrl shift r on the page or open the page in incognito should fix this. Else ur browser tries to use the old script

Remember to use ur stake address. It starts with stake.
Hope that helps.


Ctrl + F5 (refresh and delete cache) did the trick. Thanks!

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It’s not working for me. I’ve been staked for a few epochs and no rewards are showing for me. Does it have to do with what pool I’m staked to? I’m staked to DRMAL.

It’s working great. Sometimes you need to wait a bit before the results show.
Could also be you’re using Brave browser or script-blockers that can’t load the results. Try in incognito mode or a different browser

Well, I found my rewards after doing what you said, so thank you. I was shocked to see that for every 1000 ADA staked, I don’t even receive 1 Maladex token. That’s not good at all. On the website under tokenomics, it doesn’t tell me a total supply. What is the total supply of tokens?

Cool! Happy it worked for you.

You can find that info in the white paper: total supply will be 42mil MAL tokens, and 5% of this is for the ISPO :+1:

Thank you. One more question. I can’t seem to find how long the ispo is running for. When does it end?

ISPO goes until epoch 327 :+1: