The ISPO is now over! :(

Hi everyone, while our ISPO runs through epoch 327, it is now time to delegate your ADA elsewhere. If you wish to stay staked with us, our MAL pool will continue to run as a 0% pool from epoch 328 (without MAL rewards). The rest of our pools will also change to 0% but will be spun down once enough stake has moved on.

Thank you for all your support!

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it’s been a pleasure delegating to you. wish the team lots of success
good luck on the coding and i hope we can party this summer (and farm)

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Cant believe Imissed this forum… glad I found it :sweat_smile:

Hi Lourde, nice to have you. This doesn’t see too much action now as the Discord is so popular, I think you’re already over there with us right?